Domestic Violence: Never ok!

Domestic Violence is Never Ok

Domestic Violence: Never ok!

In its many forms, this type of behaviour is unacceptable.

The current statistics are absolutely disgraceful in terms of the number of victims and the number of deaths resulting from domestic incidents.

Whilst it is encouraging to see Government addressing the issue at education level in children and this may well curb or over time eradicate the issue, it is a very difficult matter to deal with at present.

Sure, the introduction of a domestic violence specialist court is a start, but often the worst cases never make it to court. Knowledge is power and the more the word is spread, and the public educated as to what constitutes domestic violence, the more cases will be reported and perpetrators brought to account.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate and is prevalent in all classes of society, with long term psychological and emotional abuse often going unreported.

It’s time to tackle this head on and society has some lengths further to go, but is certainly on the right track.

If you think you’re in a domestically violent relationship give us a call and we can guide you through the process of putting an end to behaviour you should never have to put up with.